Reynaldo Isaac Santiago
.......was born in Münchweiler an der Rodalb, Germany. His parents are from the small mountainous town known as Naranjito, Puerto Rico where he developed much of the topics treated in his early art works and consequently, periodically revisited the topics in both paintings and serigraphs during his artistic career. He receives a Bachelors degree in Graphic Arts and Painting from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico - San Germán Campus. Here he receives art scholarships and honors while majoring in Printmaking and Painting. He was awarded a Presidential Scholarship to pursue his graduate studies in printmaking, painting, and ceramic-sculpture at Rochester Institute of Technology – School for the American Craftsman in New York. He worked 20 consecutive years as full-time Art Faculty at the Inter American University – San Juan Campus. He is Graduate Faculty at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and Founder of Printmakers International on Facebook with more than 10,000 members worldwide. During the past 30 years, Reynaldo has been proactive in 100's of exhibitions at local, national, and international venues focused primarily in serigraphy as his preferred medium. As a master printer, he has produced 7 group printmaking portfolios and has participated in 9 other international portfolios. 

Statement of Creative Activity

One of the most exhilarating experiences is being struck by an artistic idea without announcement, without warning, with no regard to where I am or what I may be doing. This could be a reward for being opened minded and receptive to change and possibilities. My constant search has taken me through a variety of artistic creations that differ greatly in mediums, styles, and techniques. Allowing these ideas, as they evolve spontaneously via trial and error, also unleashes many possibilities that otherwise may not have flowered due to the constraints of established norms in art. 

I believe that there are no rules in the process of creativity. Preconceptions of what art should be, (by definition, philosophy, or ideology), constrain the human condition and are at base in denial of artistic freedom. In essence, I deliberately create art that at times defies tradition, and the art society as a whole, by weaving in and out of seamless boundaries that, on many occasions, are void of purpose other than serving my disobedient artistic tendency. "Being misunderstood is a blessing and within a system of structure, balance is obtained by being an ARTIST."

Reynaldo has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, England, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Japan, Estonia, China, India, Pakistan, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. His works are also part of several museums and private collection.​
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"Reina Campesina III"
Acrylic and screen print on canvas
48" x 28"  Private Collection
"Chicago IV"
Acrylic, lithograph and screen print on canvas
48" x 28"
"Portal Cultural III"
Acrylic and screen print on canvas
28" x 48"   Private Collection