The images below are from "Thresholds to Conservation", the first collaborative printmaking portfolio of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Click on each image for a larger more detailed image. Participating artists include: René Arceo, Carlos Barberena, Linda Lewis, Benjamín Martínez, Will Martin, Reynaldo Santiago, Janet Schill, Paul Valadez, María Elena Macías, Isaac Santiago, Ramiro Paz. Xavier Garza.
The Great Wall of America
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René Arceo
CArlos Barberena
Linda Lewis
Benjamín Martínez
Will Martin
Reynaldo Santiago
Janet Schill
Paul Valadez
What will the world be like without art?
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This magazine has a full article on the portfolio. 
Vol. 3 Winter 2010
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Thresholds to Conservation
Printmaking Demonstrations

Limited Edition Portfolios are on sale. 
Contact Reynaldo Santiago ( for more information regarding:

"Thresholds to Conservation" 35 Portfolios - only 5 Portfolios available, Includes relief, serigraphy, lithography, and intaglio techniques by 12 artists

All portfolios contain original hand pulled prints. 

"Madonna Exhausta al quadrado"
Imagen 5"x 7", Papel 8"x 11"